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We are trial lawyers. Whether a commercial dispute, a personal injury matter, a negligence claim, a wrongful dismissal claim, a land dispute, a construction case or any other civil litigation matter we can offer you effective representation. We use the most modern legal research methods and technology to ensure that you have the benefit of completely current legal precedents and trends.

We provide you with the benefit of careful preparation, thorough research and effective trial skills. Litigation always involves risk. We give you an honest realistic assessment of your case. We make sure you are fully informed of the costs and risks. We carefully explain legal procedures and the expected timelines and keep you informed of progress.

Our approach is solution-oriented. We strive to find practical and cost-effective alternatives. Our persuasive negotiation skills often result in settlements. Using the court’s settlement mediation program with a Judge we can often get you results.

We work hard to find you a realistic, practical, timely and just outcome.

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